Our Partners

About our partner Normandy SA, Coco Yummy’s manufacturer

Coco Yummys are manufactured by Normandy SA in Manizales, Colombia, which is the center of the beautiful and peaceful coffee region of Colombia.

A leader in dairy products

The plant began operation in 1986 with eight employees selling dairy products to the local markets and has since expanded to yogurts, cheese, juices, confections, corn tortillas and now more than 150 products and exports to more than 10 countries. Today Normandy employs more than 300 people; of these, 20 work in the confections area and have a direct involvement with Coco Yummys.

Contributing to Social Programs

Normandy provides job stability (two of the original employees are still with the company) and many opportunities for women heads of households. The company focuses on a few areas of social responsibility, employing handicapped workers and promoting disability advocacy in all of its operations. It also supports nutrition programs for underprivileged children.

Contributing to the Protection of the Environment

The company utilizes resources efficiently by using rain water and recycling it, and operating its own water treatment plant. Normandy has been awarded distinctions by local authorities for its environmental practices and quality assurance program. It is ISO 9000 certified since 2008.

Coco Yummys production team members

Juan Pablo Castano, Manufacturing Director