Our Team

Doris Gallon Goodman

Founder and Chief Healthy Living Officer.

Doris brings her dynamic international background, passion for food and business, and deep belief in the healthful benefits of high nutrient foods.

She was born in Colombia, raised in France, and now resides in our Sarasota, Florida paradise. Doris received her Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Los Andes in Colombia. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

She followed an international career in marketing, and was Vice President of a healthcare company before launching her food products business using her extensive ties with the Colombian government and producers.

Doris is passionate about her almost daily runs and biking. But her ultimate passion is baking for family and friends.

Doug Goodman

CEO and Chief Flavor Enhancing Officer.

Doug’s passions are creating profound and delicious flavors and his daily runs. From his early days at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and then Procter & Gamble to now creating breakthrough snacks from the wonders of the amazon and tropics.

Doug has focused on bringing together ground breaking approaches and new technologies for successful launching and growing brands and connecting these with their target consumers.

Dalet Biechlin

Market Growth Leader

Dalet is a gifted business professional with a wonderful talent for connecting with business customers and consumers.

She has an entrepreneurial drive and brings with her a fresh energy. Dalet is always ready for a new challenge.

Having a passion for the culinary arts, Dalet is constantly creating new dishes. She has two daughters and volunteers at her local church helping children.

Heather Martin

Digital and Mobile Communications Leader.

Heather has a special gift for bringing together visual communications with active and healthy living and nutrition. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and is now in the graduate business program. Heather loves to run and was a valued member of Georgetown’s track and field and cross country team.

Heather leads Super Yummys social media communications program. In a very short period, she has built a core of loyal followers and is now taking Super Yummys to new frontiers in communication.

Jessenia Burgos

Marketing Innovation Leader.

Jessenia’s extensive experience in luxurious beach front condo management in Miami, and in marketing logistics at Super Yummys have been keys for developing her brand and customer service expertise.

Jessenia has a passion for traveling and has experienced over 30+ different countries/cultures all over the world.

She is a Marketing and Business Management graduate of Florida Atlantic University. She received valuable leadership training at Sigma Alpha Pi and was rewarded with the National Engaged Leader Award.